Infineon MEMS technology for quantum computers

Quantum computers have been on the radar of the high-tech company Infineon for quite some time now. The Villach site is in charge of coordinating the EU Horizon 2020 project PIEDMONS that addresses concrete issues related to the commercial use of quantum computers:

  • How to make the basic quantum system more robust to withstand external perturbations?
  • Will mobile applications be possible through miniaturization of quantum systems (including the corresponding control electronics)?
  • What role can onboard quantum computers play in ensuring safe communication within and between cars?

The Infineon project objectives are geared to the production of more robust quantum systems and miniaturization of the overall system by means of on-chip integration of the electronics needed. On-chip means that newly developed electronics will be installed directly at the small quantum system – they are currently still installed in large boxes next to the experimental set-up. The vision: Making quantum computers portable for the first time (hence the P in PIEDMONS).