We are happy to announce that the first paper with the title “2D linear Trap Array for Quantum Information Processing” is now published in the journal Advanced Quantum Technologies!

In the paper, the linear ion trap array designed by Philip Holz from the University of Innsbruck and fabricated by Silke Auchter at the facilities of Infineon Technologies in Villach is introduced to the public. It gives interesting details about the underlying simulation, the microfabrication process of a prototype chip as well as first experimental results conducted by Marco Valentini at the University of Innsbruck. In this trap, up to six ions were trapped in either a rectangular or triangular lattice configuration. Shuttling of the ions within the two linear arrays was performed, thereby demonstrating an important requirement for future 2D-coupling experiments.

You can find the paper here:

Illustration by Harald Ritsch http://www.harald-ritsch.com/